15 Sep 2021

The Power of Change

Whether Inhouse, or Outside counsel. Paralegals or Attorneys, software to services, the idea of changing something, broken or otherwise, can be both daunting and arduous.

Typically, even in the most unpleasant of circumstances, we tend to side with the known vs the unknown. Be this in our best interest as an organization or otherwise.

However, change does not have to rely on causality. It does not have to come from a place of need. It can be seen as an opportunity to both grow and improve.

For example, recently one of our clients left their position for a promoted role within a new (to them) multinational corporation. Walking into this, what some might call a challenge, our client took the opportunity to look at their situation with fresh eyes. To dedicate an allotment of time to understanding the steps of the tasks they were completing. They asked themselves, “with this opportunity can we do better?” 

Workflow protocols that can be used in leu of trial by fire. Streamline process’s that leverage an organizations strength to bolster their weakness. Technologies that complement process vs intrude upon it. This should be our goal as professionals; to take the idea of improvement and make it perpetual and exponential.

Change, while often the catalyst, could be the product of innovation, and the mother of invention. 


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