The registration and protection of a trademark is a key factor in increasing the value of a company's most important intangible assets.


Trademark Protection

Trademark Protection

All the steps involved in trademark registration, including the investigation of trademark registration records, feasibility reports, application and processing of trademark registrations, worldwide surveillance services, trademark maintenance and renewal, registration of assignments and management of licenses are time-consuming administrative tasks that you can easily outsource to SHIP Global IP.

SHIP Global IP has a substantial team of experts specialized in trademarks who can advise you on the best strategy to protect your trademark portfolio, achieve your business goals, and take care of processing and defending your trademarks against third parties the world over.

Our proprietary SHIP HELM platform incorporates a specific trademark management module from which users can request immediate estimates for trademark registrations in over 200 jurisdictions around the world.  The enhanced platform provides real time rate comparisons of multiple workflow options, such as the Madrid Protocol vs Direct Registration, and allows for any of our vetted and approved agents to be chosen in each country. Once a workflow is chosen, all the necessary documents are provided by jurisdiction and are available via downloadable templates.

SHIP Advantages

Entrust the protection of your trademarks to the premier company that can
deliver all the services your IP portfolio demands

SHIP Services

  • Comprehensive global trademark consultants

    In addition to a complete advisory service on how to properly protect previous trademarks in each country, SHIP Global IP advises on the most appropriate protection for distinctive symbols of new products, services and companies.
  • Trademark registration feasibility reports

    The legal reports, based on the prior investigation of the registration records and on the applicable legal precepts, incorporate the professional opinion of the team of trademark specialists on the feasibility of registration, as well as suggested amendments to correct potential obstacles during the process.
  • Trademark surveillance

    The company has incorporated a permanent control service for all new trademark applications that are continuously being published in the different domestic and international bulletins in order to identify possible interferences of new third-party applications with the client's trademark portfolio, thus enabling the exercise of the right of opposition.
  • Trademark status, maintenance and renewal

    SHIP HELM has added monitoring capabilities and a trademark renewal notice service that constantly monitors the trademark portfolio throughout its legal life to help plan payment of fees, renewals, declarations of use, oppositions, office actions, etc., in advance.

  • Investigation/examination of trademark registration

    In order to speed up the registration of a trademark, a priority trademark registration search can be carried out for the denomination that you wish to register as a trademark, which allows for the detection of others that could be similar in one or more classes, and that could come into conflict. The registration records are contrasted with complete trademark and distinctive symbol databases at the local, European Union and international levels.
  • Trademark application and registration prosecution

    After receiving advice on the best protection option in accordance with the international agreements in force at all times, and once the data of the registration holder, name, logo or graphical symbol to be registered, and the international classes and countries to be included in the register, have been incorporated onto our SHIP HELM platform, it takes just a few seconds to obtain and approve a budget for registering the trademark with the EUIPO, the WIPO, or with the national trademark office of the established countries.
  • Transfers and licenses

    The SHIP Global IP team also advises on operations of assignment, sale or purchase of trademarks, or in cases of transfer of use or exploitation to third parties worldwide.

Registering a trademark provides protection against unauthorized use and counterfeiting, increases market visibility by differentiating you from the competition, conveys reliability, and helps build the reputation of your company, brand, or product. Our global network of intellectual property agents helps you maintain the economic value that your trademark portfolio contributes to your business.

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