The registration and protection of a trademark is a key factor in increasing the value of a company's most important intangible assets.


Trademark Protection

Trademark Protection

SHIP Global IP has a team of experts who can advise you on the best strategy to follow to protect your trademark portfolio, achieve your business goals, and take care of processing and defending your trademarks worldwide.

All the steps involved in trademarking, including the application process (which can take up to twelve months), the selection of the classes to include, the payment of fees, renewal deadlines in each country, etc. are time-consuming administrative tasks that you can easily outsource to SHIP Global IP.

Entrust the protection of your corporate trademarks to the only company that can
deliver all the services your IP portfolio demands

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Registering a trademark provides protection against unauthorized use and counterfeiting, increases market visibility by differentiating you from the competition, conveys reliability, and helps build the reputation of your company, brand, or product. Our global network of intellectual property agents helps you maintain the economic value that your trademark portfolio contributes to your business.

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