SHIP Global IP is one of the few leading companies in the industry with an in-house team of linguists specializing in patent translation.




Translating and protecting IP requires an in-depth knowledge of the language, the technical field or sector of the patent, and the applicable laws in each country. SHIP Global IP is one of the few leading companies in the field with an in-house team of specialist linguists.

Only SHIP has an in-house translation service with over 30 years' experience in IP translations and professional translators specializing in specific areas.

Our interdisciplinary team of translators, reviewers, linguists, lawyers, and engineers has made SHIP a leader in the management and translation of IP texts and the best source for patent translation.

SHIP Advantages

Our unique technological platform
offers unequalled responsiveness,
extremely high quality, and significant cost savings

By simply confirming the estimate on our online platform SHIP HELMTM,
an order is issued to translate and file the patent in the selected jurisdictions.

SHIP can maintain and translate your intellectual property portfolio in any location. You therefore have no need to coordinate and control small local suppliers in different parts of the world using an outdated management model that increases costs and lessens the quality and uniformity of patent and intellectual property translations.

SHIP uses the latest translation technology, with features like translation memories, to guarantee the consistency of large volumes of text and cut down on costs, making us a reliable, competitive partner. SHIP Global IP also works with terminology databases that are custom-tailored for each client, to ensure that your entire patent portfolio uses the same terminology.

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