SHIP Global IP offers a full range of IP professional solutions to corporations and law firms, and offers special services to IP professionals and intellectual property agents.


Solutions for Law Firms

An innovative partner who helps you grow

SHIP Global IP provides a very user-friendly management platform that agents will find easy to use, with a highly secure document management system. We take every precaution when it comes to the security of the client’s IP.

Increased productivity and fewer risks due to a simplified workflow are two of the clear advantages of our service.

SHIP Global IP is a reliable strategic partner that allows you, as an agent, to manage your IP portfolio in an efficient and productive way. And we also offer you our extensive network of professional IP agents, who have been carefully evaluated and selected based on their expertise and competence.

An innovative partner who helps you grow

SHIP Global IP gives you the ability, through our AI- based platform, to offer your clients more services and in more jurisdictions.
In addition, we offer a specialist translation service that is a market leader, providing over 200 language combinations.


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