Five weird patents and ingenious solutions
03 Apr 2018

Five weird patents and ingenious solutions

We all have an inventive streak. At some time in our lives, most have us have come up with clever solutions to everyday problems. And we often make them happen. But, throughout history, some very weird patents have provided ingenious solutions to specific problems but never really took off because of the unlikely advantages they offered, because they were not commercially viable, or because they simply came at the wrong time.

This article looks back at some of history's wackiest patents and ingenious solutions to prove that, as long as it is innovative, any invention can be patented.

Five weird patents

  • The hiccup stopper. In 2003, a patent was registered for a series of metal rods that were placed inside a glass and made to touch the sides of someone's face so that, while they were drinking, small electric shocks would be emitted, jolting the vagus nerve and phrenic nerves, and stopping the hiccups. We don't know whether it actually works, but it definitely sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

The Hiccup Stopper

  • The rodent-walking tee-shirt is considered to be one of the weirdest patents ever. The invention is a tee-shirt with see-through tunnels to be worn by those who want to take a walk with their gerbils or mice scurrying around for all to see. Well, even this invention has to have its fans.

The Rodent-Walking T-Shirt

  • The Beerbrella. Who hasn't found themselves at the beach hopelessly trying to shelter their drink from the hot sun? The Beerbrella is the solution. This tiny parasol easily attaches to a bottle of your favorite soda to keep it in the shade.

The Beerbella

  • The vibrating tattoo is one of the world's funniest inventions. This patent is for a tattoo that vibrates when your phone rings. Presumably it was patented before WhatsApp groups exist. 

The Vibrating Tattoo

  • The High-Five Machine. An articulated arm for you to high-five with. The instructions explain that it can be hung on the wall or any other surface to boost your self-esteem and raise your spirits. If that's true, we all want one!

The High-Five Machine

Did you like these five weird but clever patents? We hope you did and that we inspired the inventor in you. Now you can see that any invention, small or strange as it may seem, can be protected by a patent.

In fact, some of the most unusual patents have made their creators millionaires.  Take Doggles for instance, an extremely popular brand of polarised sunglasses that perfectly fit a dog's head. They even make Doggles for dogs with sight problems.

Doggles were invented by Roni Di Lullo, and in 2004 they were on sale in 4,500 stores in 16 countries, earning Di Lullo millions of dollars.

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