SHIP Global IP launches a special trademark management module
22 Jun 2021

SHIP Global IP launches a special trademark management module that facilitates trademark registration strategy throughout the world

Today, SHIP Global IP has presented a specific trademark management module that enables the application and renovation costs in more than 200 jurisdictions to be checked and compared in just a few minutes.

Version 3.0 of the SHIP HELM© technological platform also includes other new features, such as a special trademark management module designed by industry professionals with which users can request instant price quotes for commercial trademark registration around the world in just a few clicks. The enhanced IP portfolio management platform provides now real time rate comparisons of multiple workflow options, such as the Madrid Protocol vs Direct Registration, and allows for any of our vetted and approved agents to be chosen in each country. Once a workflow is chosen, all the necessary documents are provided by jurisdiction and are available via downloadable templates. These features greatly facilitate decision-making on registration strategy and the best way to protect each trademark.

Technologically speaking, within its SHIP HELM platform the company has developed a specific brand management module from which users can request, in just a few clicks, immediate estimates for trademark registrations around the world.

SHIP HELM is a platform created for and by a panel of professionals from the industrial and intellectual property sector that includes end-customers and agents with whom the company has collaborated to streamline its internal IP processes. This cloud-based, AI-based IP management software provides secure connectivity to host and query all IP portfolio data and statuses.  The company maintains a continuous level of investment in the development of its technological platform. This enables its clients to work faster, improves their experience and gives them constant access no matter where they are to all the information related to their IP portfolio.

In addition, the company announces the expansion of its brand management services establishing itself as one of the world's few comprehensive industrial property management companies.

SHIP Global IP broadens its range of trademark management services, managing everything, including the investigation of trademark registration records, feasibility reports, application and processing of trademark registrations, global surveillance services, trademark maintenance and renewal, registration of transfers and management of licenses, all with a big team specialized in trademarks that makes it possible to offer a comprehensive global trademarks advisory service, protecting its clients' brands and defending them against third parties the world over.

Founded with the goal of grouping all the functions of the intellectual property department together, from the initial concept phase, through the presentation procedure, to granting and maintenance, and even advice and continuous legal assistance, all in a single organization, it is one of the few companies in the sector to employ a large internal team of linguists specialized in patent translation.

Link to Trademarks Management Module Video


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