Innovations to mitigate Social Distancing
19 May 2020

Innovations to Bolster the Post COVID-19 Era

To slow the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak, companies across the globe have been required to institute work from home policies. Tech giants like Google and Facebook have extended WFH through 2021, while Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is giving employees the option to work from home ‘forever.’  For many employees, the new normal of a post COVID-19 era will mean working from a home office.

The new stay-at-home economy provides opportunity for innovators to help people thrive in their new routines. To succeed in a WFH environment, workers will need access to resources and support to overcome the challenges of virtual workspaces and practices. 


What We Can Expect:


The 5G market was on an incline prior to COVID-19 and the demand has only skyrocketed since the pandemic. As more consumers look to online solutions for their day-to-day and business needs, traffic has significantly increased with both mobile data and voice traffic. To date, networks have been resilient to blackouts and outages throughout the crisis. As traffic surges, we look to key players like Qualcom, Verizon, Telefonica, Orange or Vodafone to pave the way in creating faster connection speeds for consumers.


Augmented and Virtual Reality can be a useful tool in remote work and education. Colleges and universities reverted to online only classes, and even cancelled in person graduations for the 2020 Spring semester. As the future of the crisis is uncertain, high school and university heads are exploring the option of continuing online only classes this fall. Implementing AR/VR in the classroom can aid in keeping students engaged, motivated, and connected to their peers. Additionally, employers can utilize AR/VR to eliminate the need for activities that would be face-to-face under normal circumstances. Interviewing, training and onboarding new employees, participating in client meetings, and providing product demonstrations can all benefit from the value add of AR and VR tools. Larger corporations may adopt these practices out of necessity due to COVID-19 but may see long term benefits from these solutions.  


The longer people stay at home, the more they will look to online channels for entertainment and human connection. As conferences, activities, and large-scale events continue to get cancelled, we have seen an increase in demand for at home entertainment. Video games, online streaming, and social media help to preserve our ability to connect with others amidst the time of social distancing.


During this intractable time, we look forward to the ideas, insights and inventions that the world’s creatives will generate. Contact our team to learn more about how SHIP Global IP can help protect your intellectual property around the globe.


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