High Quality Patent Translations Are Critical for Cross-Border Business Success
03 Apr 2023

High Quality Patent Translations Are Critical for Cross-Border Business Success

In the world of IP portfolio management, there is a critical difference between finding a cost-effective intellectual property solution and cutting IP management costs wherever possible. The latter is not a wise move for business success, as entire licensing deals can be lost if a company misses an important filing deadline to keep IP rights in force, or a cheap quality patent translation leads to validity issues in an important foreign market. High-quality intellectual property solutions are a must for any company owning IP rights.


This is especially true of patent translations, which can exhaust much of a company’s IP budget. Translating patent applications into foreign languages can easily cost a few thousand dollars, representing up to 75% of filing expenses for patent assets. While expensive, such costs aren't unreasonable given the technical and linguistic knowledge that these translation experts must possess. But even at these high rates, working with several translation experts or companies can create unwanted inconsistencies, mistranslations or serious errors in patent filings that turn into expensive problems down the road.


SHIP Global IP, a market leader in the field of patent translations built by professionals with more than 25 years’ experience in IP translations, is able to offer its clients a technological solution to patent translations that keeps costs down and filing quality high for a company’s entire intellectual property portfolio. Over time, clients who trust their IP translation needs with us find that they can reduce their translation costs by up to 30 percent while enjoying the industry’s leading standard in translation services.


One type of database resource powering the computer-aided translation (CAT) tools available through SHIP Global IP is known as a translation memory. When a patent translation is approved by the applicant, our technological solution stores segments of text from that filing in a translation memory that can be swiftly recalled when translating other related patent assets. Importing strings of text into patent translations in this way eliminates linguistic inconsistencies while leveraging the value of patent language that has already been properly translated.


For pharmaceutical companies and entities operating in industries where technological jargon is commonplace, user-created glossaries are another valuable tool available to SHIP Global IP’s client base. Glossaries help patent applicants ensure that patent language is consistent across language barriers while also capturing the entire scope of an invention in highly technical terms. Relying on patent translations that do not leverage industry-specific glossaries can increase the risk that inconsistent patent language prevents a patent grant from claiming the priority date of an earlier parent application.


Unlike many other patent translation companies, SHIP Global IP is able to provide several levels of translation services to our clients, all of them performed by expert translators and revisers in the technical field:


  • Translation + QA: SHIP Global IP clients benefits from an extra post-translation quality assurance step even in the most simple workflow available within our services.


  • Translation + Revision: In addition to world-class CAT tools, our clients have access to one of the largest specialist patent translator teams available in the market. Our translation experts specialize in at least one language and one technical field, giving our clients a powerful second level of review for patent applications that may require more attention to detail.


  • Translation + Revision + Patent Attorney Certification: This is the highest quality translation package available to our clients. Not only can we provide quality assurance checks and revisions by expert linguists, but we’ve also built an international team of patent attorneys, - who can certify that the patent translations we provide to our clients are a true and accurate translation from the source language. Such legal certifications can be critical to businesses who need a swift response to legal developments in a foreign market.


An important and often overlooked aspect of quality is flexibility. The best part of ability is availability, and SHIP Global IP’s global presence allows us to be responsive to the needs of our clients in several regions of the globe. We can adapt our translation services not only based on the level of technical detail and attorney certification required, but also based on the IP management workflows of our client for a seamless transition as your new patent translation partner.


SHIP Global IP has the technological solution and expert human professionals necessary to provide you with the maximum return on your patent translation budget. When quality is a must for your cross-border licensing or enforcement activities, trust us to eliminate the pitfalls that arise from inconsistent translations at a price that can fit within any corporate IP management budget.



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