With our extensive experience we offer a wide range of comprehensive service solutions to a customer base encompassing over 15 vertical areas with competencies centered on the pharmaceutical and veterinary, food and drinks, mechanical, biotechnology, legal, chemical, automotive, telecommunications and electrical industries, among others.

Translation of patent applications: for more than 200 countries for submission or validation.

Translation of related documentation: as part of the patent application submission and granting process, which includes international search reports, preliminary examination reports, decisions from the preliminary examinations and expert reports on a variety of technical areas.

Translation of registered trademark documentation: for the Nice and IPC classifications, OHIM applications, appeals and international nomenclature.

Translation of litigation documentation: between patent owners for fraudulent use of the technology, for appeals to national offices and for sworn translations for their submission to different authorities and organizations.

Intellectual property services: patent completion, translation and searches, and IP consultation through our international network of agents.




Among our professionals there are senior project managers, translators specialized in the IP field and expert proofreaders who are, in turn, engineers and chemists. Over 4,200 language professionals with intellectual property expertise.


Thanks to its international infrastructure, SHIP translated over 200 different combinations, combining all the customer's translation needs in a single provider.


Our management software and computer-assisted translation systems increase our flexibility, efficiency and accuracy while considerably reducing lead time.


Just a single click in our management software will put your project on track.


The SHIP translation team has been providing effective and affordable solutions in the intellectual property industry for over 25 years.