Our Team


At SHIP we are convinced that our team is the key to our success.We train, take care of and value our engineers, agents, translators and professionals so that they can share the goals of our customers. To achieve this we search for talent, stimulate it and manage it appropriately.

Each discipline's directors are recognized as experts and leaders in their specialized area. They direct our team hands-on and ensure the maximum quality of our services with their direct and tailored approach. They have proven their experience and judicial training both domestically and internationally. Their activity is geared at companies and their goal is to exceed our customers' expectations.

The SHIP team has the confidence of big domestic and international customers. We know the importance of limiting language barriers. That's why our professionals are fluent in several languages, thus facilitating communication and addressing your needs. Thanks to its international training, the SHIP team is a differentiating element. It can adapt to other cultures, judicial contexts and business philosophies, adapting them to international norms and regulations.