As your global intellectual property portfolio management partner, SHIP will monitor your IP assets throughout their lifecycle and provide the advice and legal assistance you need to protect your patent and trademark portfolio in any jurisdiction.




In addition to application drafting and filing services, SHIP Global IP can handle the entire IP prosecution process until the patent or trademark is granted.

We have an in-house team of professionals and paralegals with expertise in this field and one of the largest international networks of agents in the market.

By entrusting the prosecution, drafting, and filing of your application to SHIP Global IP, the likelihood of problems or incidents occurring is minimized and you can benefit from the synergies of our organization, resulting in lower costs.

IP Litigation Support

We will assist you with all types of requirements, protective measures, complaints and lawsuits, Freedom to Operate (FTO) reports, and trials relating to patents, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, and unfair competition.

Our IP Litigation service also provides advice and handles national and international arbitration services for your IP portfolio, regardless of the type of arbitration procedure.

Third-Party Oppositions

The deadlines for filing a third-party IP opposition depend on the jurisdiction and the scope of protection sought.

SHIP will work with you to complete the opposition document and draft the arguments. Additionally, we will file it or, if applicable, assist with the response.

IP Ownership Transfers

SHIP provides a convenient and safe way to request the transfer of the ownership of a patent or intellectual property portfolio, as the entire process is handled by just one provider.

SHIP acts as the sole contact with the offices in the different countries, dealing with the paperwork involved in the transfer of ownership.

IP Contracts

SHIP Global IP will provide the legal coverage for revising, negotiating, drafting, or translating intellectual property-related contracts into any language, so that your portfolio is always properly protected.

Paralegal Assistance

When workloads peak, due to seasonal factors or limited resources, human or financial, it can sometimes be necessary to outsource part of the work of the IP department.

SHIP Global IP will provide you with a team of experienced paralegals to cover your internal staffing needs. This service acts like an extension of your team and helps you free up your own people to concentrate on other tasks.

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